Deaf Missions exists for one purpose: To effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ with deaf people. This statement merely focuses the Great Commission of Jesus, which is to preach the Gospel to all people, on a group of people who have generally been left out.

Deaf Missions uses sign language to "effectively communicate," specializing in reaching people who were born deaf or became deaf pre-lingually, and who prefer using American Sign Language instead of English. These people are usually considered to be part of the Deaf culture. It is not that they need the Gospel more than any other people, but that they need the Gospel presented to them in their own language--the same as any other culture or people-group requires.

Deaf Missions is multi-faceted, but each facet fits neatly within the Mission Statement. Here are some of the projects we focus on:

Translating the Bible into American Sign Language so that deaf people may have the Word of God in their native, preferred language.

Providing LINK: ASL Sermon Series, weekly sermons in sign language. More than 1,400 people view these sermons on the internet and an average of 50 people order DVD's  of the sermons every month.

Publishing and mailing out 25,000+ Daily Devotions for the Deaf to 85 different countries in the world. 

Producing Big Bible Stories in American Sign Language, a new video ministry.

Conducting International short-term mission trips to several different countries.

Hosting Bible Camp for the Deaf.