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Important Expansion Update

Our Executive Minister David Sulgrove gives us a detailed update on our expansion. David presents information about our unfavorable appraisal and the impact it will have on the project. If you have further questions about the project please email
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A Message From Tim

Thank you for your interest in how God is leading Bettendorf Christian Church! I believe that God is calling us to reach even MORE for His glory! Take some time to explore about this project as well as how God is calling you to participate.

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Tim Scott - Senior Minister


Doubling our Impact to reach more for Christ!

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Learn more about this exciting project:

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Flexible Ministry Space

Our new worship space is designed to accommodate 750 seats in an environment for worship. This brand new ministry space will also be large enough to house a basketball court. Having a flexible ministry space will allow us to expand new ministries of outreach, host youth and family events, and accommodate growth in our church.

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Expanded Commons Area

Connection are key to building life-changing relationships within the church. We want to provide even more space for relationships to build through intentional spaces with connectivity as the focus. The new connection spaces will be able to accommodate a growing amount of people as well as function well for gatherings throughout the week.

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Immersive Kid’s Environment

The first through fifth grade students will enjoy a re-imagined space for worship and programming within the Kid’s Ministry. This space will feature a city theme with break-out spaces for interactive stations or small groups to meet. While this space will function on Sunday morning for kid’s ministry, the flexibility of this space will be tremendous. This newly remodeled space will have the ability to host 200 people for events throughout the week for any age group.




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