North Burma Christian Mission, Thailand


Ron and Pat Morse and their three children (Jason, Justin, & Sarah) work among the tribal minorities of SE Asia. Their main initial target group focuses on the Lisu and through that tribe outreach extends on into over a dozen tribes with as many languages.

The work of the North Burma/Thailand Christian Mission extends over an area touching the border regions of 6 nations: Thailand, Laos, Burma, China, Tibet and India. As a result of the tireless and continuous work over the years, the ministry today sees a church growth over a quarter of a million believers, with over 1800 churches. Though these people live in hard‐ pressed areas, they are nearly all self‐ supporting congregations today, standing on the Truth in Jesus Christ.

The scope of mission ministries covers evangelism, literacy programs, Bible schools, educational programs and hostels, multi‐media ministry work, village and agricultural & community development, along with self‐help programs for clean drinking and irrigation water systems and health & sanitation improvement. However, the primary purpose and mission is to first introduce people to the Person of Jesus Christ and His transforming and saving power.

Ron is a teacher, preacher, evangelist, and translator of Christian literature material needs, such as commentaries and other Bible helps for the Churches. He is closely involved with many outreach and development projects in the region, as well as working with national workers to reach unreached people groups. The key target right now is to reach the over 500,000 unreached Lisu in China and Burma. This will have to be done by the Lisu people in those regions. To do this, new methods and better tools are being devised, created, and tested continuously.

Ron and Pat live in a southern suburb of Chiangmai, Thailand a city that is quickly becoming a hub for much Christian activity in all of SE Asia. From Chiangmai they can go by plane into China, Burma and other destinations. This family is like you and me. They laugh, cry and hurt just like we do. They have their good and their bad moments and they need your prayers. Your support is a great encouragement to them. Let us pray for them more faithfully, and communicate with them more frequently.