Our BCC Children's Ministry staff strive to provide a fun and safe environment where your children can draw closer to Christ.

All of our dedicated teachers and helpers have been background checked and are committed to drawing children closer to Jesus through Bible stories, music, and interactive learning opportunities.

Safety Precautions

Our facilities and emergency procedures have been approved by the Bettendorf Fire Department.

We have security cameras in place in several locations throughout our children’s wing and building as well as other security implementations for your child’s safety.

Check-In Procedures

Every child that attends our Kid's Ministry programming will be required to check in and receive a name tag with an alpha-numeric code. This code is randomly generated and unique to each visit. A parent pick up label will be printed that matches your family check-out code at each visit. All of our check-in happens through touch screen tablets.

For your convenience, and to expedite the process of checking in your family, we are providing a link below to pre-register your family within our system. Once your family is registered, you can participate in self check-in for your children. If you would prefer to register once you arrive, simply report to the check-in desk that is staffed by our check-in specialists.