Tavriski Christian Institute, Kherson, Ukraine 


Tavriski Christian Institute's sole purpose for existence is to teach Christian ministers to go forth in the Ukraine and elsewhere to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bettendorf Christian Church's introduction to T.C.I. began in the mid-1990'S when our Missions Program learned of Glen Elliott's plan to move there to help build the school and his need for financial support for the three year project. Early-on, Bettendorf Christian Church Missions Programs provided funds whenever possible to the Elliotts and to T.C.I., but only formally added T.C.I. as a monthly supported mission in early 2000.

Ukraine is a huge area in the Southeastern part of Central Europe, flanking Poland, Romania, the Black Sea, and of course the mother country, the Soviet Union. Bringing Christ to the Ukraine was and continues to be a monumental task, and T.C.I. works diligently towards that goal.

Much progress has been made these past 10 years at T.C.I. The churches at Chaplynka and Kherson continue to grow, as does neighboring small village churches at Pervokonstantinovka, Gregoriovka and Maximagorki, pastored and supervised by Zhenia Bonderenko and Andrey Andrev, and by Sasha and Anna Kobzar in youth ministry. But much remains to be done. Progress has been slow on land purchases and construction and government officials move slowly, especially on matters pertaining to Christianity.

Bettendorf Christian Church has sent two summer short term missionary teams to help with ministry at T.C.I., in 2003 and 2004, and plans for summer 2009 are underway.

Ukraine is rich in all the natural resources of iron ore, coal, oil and gas-and its soil is black and fertile, producing abundant crops of wheat, maize, buckwheat, corn, fruit, vegetables, melons and berries..........and has long been called "The Breadbasket of Europe". In order to produce the bread for millions throughout Europe, much planting of seeds and harvesting is done. Bettendorf Christian Church is blessed to be a part of bringing the "Bread of Life" to the people of Ukraine by helping to plant the seeds and harvest the souls for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through T.C.I., who is preparing young workers for His fields and His harvest there.