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A FEARLESS Church holds firmly to the word of God (the Bible) to advance the Good News message about Jesus, no matter the cost. FEARLESS Churches are fueled by a passion for loving people in the same way Jesus did. 

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SELFLESS Love is about sacrifice. It's a willingness to extend grace to others even at our own expense. At BCC we participate in and encourage serving our community and around the world in order to show the kind of love Jesus has for people. We partner with some fantastic organizations and ministries in order to demonstrate SELFLESS Love. 

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PURSUING Jesus means that He comes first in our lives. A PURSUING Jesus Church trusts in following His lead in all aspects of our lives and church.

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TRANSFORMING Relationships

We are not meant to walk this life alone. Knowing Jesus personally means that you have a TRANSFORMING Relationship. A Church with TRANSFORMING Relationships can change the world.

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BOLDLY Sharing Jesus

Our highest call is to be a Church that is BOLDLY SHARING Jesus. We believe Jesus is the only true hope for the world.